Founding User Stories 0

Founding User Stories 0

Each week, in addition to updating you on what we created as builders of the app, we also want to tell the stories of our founding users. While we (Evan + Matt) are the first two members of the Founding User Community, we invite you to join, and we hope to share your story in a future update.

An Evening Routine (by Matt B)

For a few months now I've had my morning routine all setup as flows and timers in Newday. My morning keeps growing steadily as a productive and meaningful time for me. My night time though, yikes. This week I implemented a pre-bedtime flow with the following broad steps:

  • Hygiene
  • Thorough tooth brush
  • Tongue scrape
  • Journal
  • Reflecting on how the day went
  • Prepping the next day's entry with checklist items
  • Answering the prompt "Anything making U feel anxious?" to uncover more material
  • Hide the laptop away in the office, inside ottoman
  • Put on overnight contact lenses

This flow helps me get into bed feeling relaxed and rumination-free. Putting my laptop away at the end of the night helps me start the morning right, because I have to enter my office in order to grab it again. All of my morning flows take place in my office, so I've created a setup where I get pulled into doing my morning routine in order to access my laptop. Now I enjoy higher quality mornings because I focus on my morning flows before I open my laptop and get sucked into email, etc.

Short but Challenging (by Evan SC)

Our co-founder Evan awaits Newday's command to pull up.

In the past week I've incorporated a couple of short but challenging fitness flows into my life that helped me get stronger and also build momentum during short intervals in my day which otherwise might be lost to a less intentional distraction.

The first one I've been doing is the 3-minute push-ups flow from the Time Shoppe. I find that this flow is consistently getting me just to the point where I can barely do more push-ups, though now on my second or third week of using it, I think I might be ready for a 4 minute push-up flow soon.

Secondly, I created my own 1 minute long Pull-up flow that has been a really quick way to get in some major muscle use. The flow is super simple, just alternating between hanging on the bar and doing pull ups for 1 minute. I usually only do 5-6 pull ups during the entire 1 minute, but the time I spend hanging makes it a major wrist work-out, and using the flow helps me stay motivated to hang onto the bar the whole time.

I like these flows a lot because I can do them in random moments of my day when I'm wondering "what next" and generate a major feeling of accomplishment.