Feature: Import/Export

Feature: Import/Export

Since our launch, we’ve received lots of great feedback from users like you on what would make Autopilot more helpful. If you have any ideas or feedback you want us to know - just send an email to feedback@blacklotus.ooo! 🙏

Many people requested the ability to share flows that they had created or to discover flows created by others in the community. Today we’re excited to announce our new import/export features and Reddit community!

Import & Export

But first, a note on feature updates.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app by checking the app/play store to see if there is an update, as well as the Settings page within Autopilot. If those are both up to date - you’re good.

We built out a simple version of importing and exporting flows that uses the clipboard on your phone. It’s slightly hacky but it gets the job done.


In order to export a flow, tap the “…” next to it, and choose to edit the flow. Once inside the builder, if you installed the update, you’ll now see a share icon after the summary of the flow’s length and step count (“3:00 long over 12 steps”).

Tapping that share icon will copy the code for the flow onto your clipboard. Now you can paste it in a message to a friend, a note to save for later, or create a post on our newly launched Reddit community so that others can get a piece of your routine’s goodness.

You’ll notice that the code for the flow itself is long and complicated (it’s plain JSON). If you have coding skills you might figure out how to edit it, otherwise just treat it as a chunk of text you need to copy and paste to pass around flows.


Now that you know how to export, you have some code that you can use to test out importing. Or you could find something new in our Reddit community.

To import, get the entire code for the flow you want to add loaded onto your clipboard. Then head over to your settings screen and tap the “Import from clipboard” button.

If your flow code is properly formatted, this will take you directly into the builder with the imported flow loaded up. Now you have a new flow!

Autopilot Reddit Community

Now that you can import and export flows you might be wondering where you can share things and where you can discover the flows that other community members are sharing. Introducing our humble and helpful Reddit Community!

Matt and I have kicked things off by posting a few of the flows we created on our personal Autopilots that aren’t a part of discover. If you’ve created a flow that you love, you’ll be contributing a ton by posting it to community. You can check our posts for an example of how to post a flow, but long story short, you’ll need to paste the entire contents of the code into the post so that others can load it onto their clipboard and import!

That’s it for us for now! We hope you’ve been staying safe and sane and that Autopilot has been helping you have awesome mornings and beyond 🤓.