Newday's Founding Story

Newday's Founding Story

Newday co-founders Matt Bunday and Evan Stites-Clayton connected as friends over a shared appreciation of intentional living and martial arts.

A few years after their meeting, the pair participated in Dave Fontenot and Lucy Guo’s “Hacker Fellowship” program, which brought together a cohort of startup founders to live in a house in Brooklyn together and form teams to work on their next big thing.

During the program, Matt worked on a status-tracking social app called Supfam, and Evan started living on an experimental time schedule which lead to the creation of the original web app: newDay.

You can explore and use the original newDay web app here.

If you want to learn more about Supfam or try the mobile app you can find it here.

At the program’s conclusion, Matt and Evan realized that their visions were highly compatible, and the two set off to build a new mobile app, called Newday, that would incorporate the life hacks and product philosophy that had gone into SupFam and the original newDay website.

Since then, Matt and Evan have been using Newday on a daily basis as they build the app and imagine the future of the project.