Product Hunt Launch!

Product Hunt Launch!

On May 4th, we went live on product hunt. 🎉  Thanks to our amazing community, we were able to take home the ultimate launch day prize: #1 product of the day on Product Hunt! 🤩

Woo Hoo!

This was an amazing way to kick off our public release of Autopilot, but we’re only just getting started! Since the launch we’ve been bashing bugs, talking to users, and dreaming up ways to make your morning even more effortless.

After the success of our launch, many people asked me what my tricks were for getting to the top of product hunt. Here's a loom video in which I deep dive into what to do to make the most of your PH launch.

One of the keys to a good Product Hunt launch is to leave a great "first comment" on your own post. Here's what I wrote as a message to our community to accompany the launch: (We also made a video that you can see on the post)

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been on a quest to figure out how we could build an app to give us reliably awesome days. We quickly realized that the key to a great day was a great morning.

Amazing - so if we could just nail our mornings, the rest of the day would be excellent too?

Yes, but there’s a catch. While it was easy to dream up a perfect morning routine, actually doing it often didn’t go as planned when the morning rolled around. We found ourselves crawling out of bed with low motivation levels, and getting off to a great start was a struggle.

We wondered if mornings would be easier if we built an app that would literally tell us what to do, out loud, every single step of the way. TLDR; it worked. All we need to do is press play, and our customized morning coach is leading us through the routine we previously committed to.

Autopilot has already helped us a lot, but it’s very much a work in progress. There’s nothing we’d value more than your feedback on how we can make this tool helpful in your life.

Thank you so much for checking out Autopilot!


A note on privacy, data-ownership, and advertising. Our ethos as a team is to give you total control and ownership over any data you produce while using our products. Autopilot V1 is a completely offline experience. There are no user accounts and all data you generate exists only on your phone’s local storage. We do have Google Analytics in place to understand the metrics of how people are using the app.

We believe deeply in attention ownership and don’t think advertisers ought to be able to buy a slice of your precious attention without your consent. Therefore, our product is currently free and ad-free, but we are a business and will seek non-ad solutions to monetization in the future, possibly via subscription or paid premium features.

We said it before but we will say it again now (and in the future), we are so so so grateful to you for supporting us, helping us get Autopilot out into the world, and guiding us towards building something we genuinely believe in. ❤️