Founding User Stories 2

Founding User Stories 2

In this series, we're telling the stories of our earliest users. This week we feature Steve, one of our good friends and an amazing early user of Newday.

Flat Feet & Glute Strength

Steve has flat feet and his physical therapist gave him a list of exercises and stretches to keep his feet happy. Growing strong glutes will also helps Steve’s feet hurt less, so he has a series of exercises for that as well. Steve previously created a hand drawn guide for himself to do these sets of exercises.

Enter Newday

Steve created flows for his feet and glutes to help him go through these exercises more comfortably and without having to constantly consult his guide.

We were so proud when Steve shared that the Newday app has made it to his home screen.

Beyond Fitness

Inspired by his success using Newday for some of his core motion flows, Steve has started to dream of how he can use Newday to get his mornings off to a great start.

Steve is using Newday to make doing the things that he wants to do easier and more habitual. It is exactly what we had in mind when we created the app and we can’t wait to help many more users like Steve!