What does Newday do?

What does Newday do?

Think about the home screen of your iOS or Android phone for a moment. Picture the grid of bubbles or buttons, one for each app, that invite you to engage in an on-phone experience. Remember the excitement you felt the first time you entered the app store, when you discovered the diverse range of things that the little screen in your hand was capable of doing.

When we imagine Newday, we fantasize about what that home screen might enable if rather than being turned towards experiences on your phone, it opened a gateway to the full range of ways you can invest your time across all the diverse mediums of physical and digital existence.

Imagine this typical moment of today's world: A person doesn’t know what to do next, so they reach for their phone and turn it on.

We feel sad when we think about how most of the options presented to the person in that situation will pull them deeper into the phone, rather than turning them back out towards the myriad possibilities of what they can do in the world. The smart-phone-based menu we order from when we ask “What Now?” leaves out a huge spectrum of the potential activities that human beings do.

Newday allows you to declare your intention for how you want to invest your time, to log that time, and even to create, discover and play back Flows, sets of timed instructions that guide you through activities.

Newday is just getting started. Through collaboration with users like you, we will develop a tool that intentionalizes the way you use you use your time and your technology.