Feature Update 1 - 2021.85

Feature Update 1 - 2021.85

Welcome to another feature update from the Newday team! This week we’ve started every morning discussing and reflecting on feedback from users like you, and had big conversations about the future of the product.

We rebuilt the onboarding sequence this week to focus more attention on custom flows, which many users call their favorite feature. So if you haven’t started using Newday yet, now is a great time to try it.


We did a lot of behind the scenes work this week. But some changes you will notice include:

  • Rebuilt onboarding to guide users to create their first custom Flow
  • Added an experimental "duration badge" to Activity Shortcuts so you can tell how much time a flow requires before starting it
  • Fixed a number Android-specific bugs, including a bug that prevented Android users from creating flows with a lot of steps (kudos to our power users for spotting that!)

New Onboarding

Listening to feedback from our early users, we’ve found that Flows consistently come up as adding the most value. In particular, our users love to play Flows that they created for themselves.

[ Reminder: Flows use text-to-speech to read you step-by-step instructions, creating intentional and guided time on demand. ]

We heard feedback that our users weren’t easily discovering that they can create their own Flows. When they did, they really lit up. So, we decided to make custom Flow creation the very first piece of user onboarding!

Shortcut Timing Preview

We plan to continuously add little tweaks to our UX to see how our users respond. For example, this week we added a badge to the activity shortcuts to indicate how many minutes long they are.

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know by emailing feedback@newday.ooo