Feature: Subflows, Schedule & Archive

Feature: Subflows, Schedule & Archive

I’ve been trapped inside a hotel for the last 14 days here in Taipei. My quarantine finally ends tonight, and I used my time inside to build and launch 3 new features with Matt.

Here’s a screen recorded video in which I go over all the new stuff we added: click here to see the video


This ingenious request came from our friend and user Daniel Moreh!

You can now make an entire Autopilot flow a step inside of another Autopilot flow. So if you want your morning to include fitness, meditation, and journaling, you can now create a super flow that contains all three. No more coming back to the app in between every flow.

You can stack subflows to build up longer Autopilot flows from tiny components. As long as you don’t try to make a flow a sub-flow of itself🌀😵‍💫, you’re good.

Schedule Flows

Schedule your flow for a certain time, and when the time comes, you’ll get a notification from Autopilot reminding you of your intention. If you don’t want the notification any more you can easily toggle it off per-flow.

Archive Flows

If you’ve created some flows that you don’t want to delete but you also don’t want to have them around all the time on your main “My Flows” screen, you can now archive flows.

That’s it for this update! Thank you for supporting us and keep letting us know how we can make Autopilot a more useful tool in your life.